Sonic Matters – Independent Label Market

silent green presents

A number of independent record labels from Berlin are opening their stock for our first record market – experimental sounds, musique concrète and ambient sounds, new music, noise, electronica – friends of contemporary and electro-acoustic music will find what they're looking for here. You can browse through vinyls, tapes, CDs and merchandise, stock up on new treasures and enjoy a coffee or drink at MARS in between.

!K7 Records, Abstand, Corvo Records, Hyperdelia, Karaoke Kalk, Karlrecords, Last Riot, Miasmah Recordings, Modisch Aber Unrentabel, One Instrument, Picture / Disk, Psychic Liberation, Sonic Pieces, Syrphe, Total Black, Unguarded, Vaagner, Verlag, YHIWYH, Zéhra


Sunday, December 17
Open: 2–8 pm
Free admission