Temple of Faitiche & Muscut

silent green presents


On the occasion of the second Temple of Faitiche event at silent green, Faitiche presents the Ukrainian label Muscut. Since 2012, label owner and Faitiche artist Dmytro Nikolaienko has been discovering and releasing electroacoustic obscurities from the Soviet past - as well as what he calls pseudo audio archaeology - on Muscut and the associated archive label Shukai. In Berlin, Nikolaienko presents and manipulates his tape loop archive live for the first time. The Ukrainian artist Hanna Bryzhata aka Bryozone will perform her Pitchfork-rated album Eyes of Delirious and the two masters Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler will perform as a duo, which is also a world premiere. They will reconstruct material from their album Palimpsets, released on Shelter Press - an album that straddles the outer boundaries of electroacoustic practice and musique concrète. In addition, both artists will perform solo pieces for guitar and electronics.


Hanna Bryzhata wears many hats. While her solo project Bryozone is focused on industrial dub explorations, she plays bass guitar in the Chillera band and curates the ODS festival in her native city, Odesa.

Nikolaienko has chosen the historical medium of tape to record historical-sounding sequences. He also runs the labels Muscut and Shukai, the latter being an archival project releasing electroacoustic obscurities from the 1960s-90s. Dmytro Nikolaienko will open his archive of reel tape loops and cassettes to perform live manipulations of his album Rings, released in 2021 on Faitiche.

Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler
Both noted for strikingly forward-thinking bodies of solo work dating back to the 1990s, the duo of Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler - collaborators for the better part of a decade - will reconstruct  „Palimpsests“, released on Shelter Press in 2021. Built from deconstructed layers of texture, tone, and arrhythmic percussiveness, the results are splintered, airy reimaginings of minimalism - that rest at the outer reaches of contemporary electroacoustic practice and musique concrète. In addition, both artists will play solo pieces for guitar and electronics based on their recent solo albums.


Tunnel projection: Khao Sok (2022): audiovisuell work by Andrew Pekler
Based on video footage and field recordings captured in and around Khao Sok, Thailand.

Studiokino Betonhalle: Temple of Faitiche (2013) Installation/mixed media by Jan Jelinek
Temple of Faitiche is a concrete cube & sound carrier (size: 31x31x31cm, weight: 70kg, USB-connection), containing WAV files of Faitiche's Temple compilation (faitiche 08-13). The data contained herein is freely accessible to all. Feel free to bring your computer/laptop with USB port. For laptop owners who do not want to connect their computer directly: Ask for the extension cable at the merch desk.


Saturday, 9. December
Start: 8 pm


Presented by Rausgegangen Berlin