Şeyda Kurt: HASS – Von der Macht eines widerständigen Gefühls – sold out! –

Hate, that grating, corrosive emotion, is omnipresent. It roars from the streets or whispers in bourgeois hostility. It grows in parliamentary speeches, crossheads and children's bedrooms - and certainly not in secret, even if many would like to condemn it there. Şeyda Kurt brings hatred out of its banishment and sets out on the trail of its resistant potential. In doing so, she is primarily interested in people as subjects of hate in a capitalist, racist and patriarchal world. Who are they, these haters, and from which power relations do they come? Who is allowed to hate at all and who is not? Which feelings paralyze, which feelings help not to freeze, and to move on and on on the way to a more just and tender society?

Relentlessly, whimsically, and beyond self-righteous indignation, Şeyda Kurt explores hate from its creative side: as a category of empowerment that can pick up and mobilize people in their innermost discomfort, as a resistant craft - and not least as a serviceable emotion that helps us navigate an ocean of possible reactions to the world.

Moderated by Fatima Khan
The event will take place in German

Şeyda Kurt writes and speaks about politics, culture, philosophy, and feminism. She was a columnist for nachtkritik.de and writes for Zeit Online, among others. As an editor, she worked on the Spotify Original Podcast 190220 - Ein Jahr nach Hanau, which won the Grimme Online Award. In April 2021, her non-fiction bestseller Radikale Zärtlichkeit - Warum Liebe politisch ist (Radical Tenderness - Why Love is Political) was published about love norms in the force field of capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism.

Tuesday, March 29
Start: 7.30 pm