Susanne Kaiser: Backlash – Die neue Gewalt gegen Frauen

The US Supreme Court bans the right to abortion, the police record a sharp increase in domestic violence, on TikTok fantasies of killing women become a trend. The thesis: This backlash is a reaction to increasing equality. How can the vicious circle be broken? In her new book, journalist Susanne Kaiser tells the whole story and outlines possible solutions.

Private, digital, political - the forms of violence are not new, but they are now directed against women because they have equal rights. This historical shift has activated fierce counterforces: successful men from upper circles, Gen Z youth and political institutions of democratic states. Especially in places where equality was particularly powerful, the backlash is all the more fierce.

Journalist and political consultant Susanne Kaiser has been researching this phenomenon for more than ten years, she has spoken to those affected and analyses the problem socially, politically and privately. Only this holistic view makes it clear with great clarity what toxic dynamics still emanate from male-female role clichés.

Susanne Kaiser will discuss her new book Backlash - Die neue Gewalt gegen Frauen (Backlash - The New Violence Against Women) with Reyhan Şahin (researcher on language, migration, Islam and racism, activist, educational consultant, rapper, performance artist and author of Yalla, Feminismus! / Yalla, Feminism!) and Tobias Ginsburg (theatre director and author of Die letzten Männer des Westens: Antifeministen, rechte Männerbünde und die Krieger des Patriarchats). Moderated by Jessica Agoku.

Susanne Kaiser (b.1980), is a journalist and author. She writes for Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and Deutschlandfunk Kultur, among others. She also appears as an expert on Arte, WDR, ZDF or Pro7. In 2020, her book Politische Männlichkeit. Wie Incels, Fundamentalisten und Autoritäre für das Patriarchat mobilmachen (Political Masculinity. How Incels, Fundamentalists and Authoritarians Mobilise for Patriarchy was published. For 20 years, she has studied the power relations between men and women in Muslim and Western societies, and more recently, emerging phenomena such as organised misogyny and sexism.

Tuesday, March 7
Start: 7 pm