Pomme – sold out! –

While the pandemic prevented the musician from promoting her album on tour, Pomme finally resigned herself and found the drive to write again for what would be her third album. Feeling drawn to electronic sounds, Pomme reached out to Flavien Berger to shepherd her through this unknown territory. That’s when it all clicked or “the planets aligned” as she puts it. The new project alternates between discussions about her childhood and the women that inspired her, two themes that logically come together under the creative spark of Claire Pommet, aka Pomme.

If Les Failles already signalled Pomme's aspirations for self-empowerment and writing her own music, Consolation sets her on another level as an artist and producer, confident and determined to prove she hasn’t run out of ideas. The intricate and perplexing Consolation expresses the joy that stems from grief and thereby marks the rebirth of Pomme from her beautiful ashes.

Monday, April 10
Doors: 6.30 pm / Start: 7.30 pm


Presented by: EINEN HAB ICH NOCHWhat The France, taz, ByteFM, tipBerlin