Alexandra Stréliski with Strings Trio – Neo-romantic tour

The pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski from Montreal now has more than 300 million streams worldwide, Billboard calls her "one of the foremost new stars in modern classical (music)".

She is one of the very few women in the field of neo-classical music, which is largely dominated by male artists. She started out as a concert pianist, loved and played Satie and Chopin, but then increasingly freed herself from the classical background and went her own way, towards her own compositions and new musical worlds.

In 2010, Alexandra Stréliski released her debut album Pianoscope on her own. The well-known director Jean Marc-Vallée discovers her work and presents parts of it in his celebrated and award-winning films Dallas Buyers Club and Demolition as well as in the HBO series Big Little Lies, her music is played at the Oscar ceremony in 2014. Then in October 2018 her next album Inscape is released, the title of the album describes very well what this artist's creative process is mainly about, it is formed from the words "Interior" and "Landscape". Her music is equally inward-looking, but emotional, moving and expansive, filled with melancholy, but also with positive moods.

On the upcoming Neo-romantic tour, Alexandra will offer the audience a moment of peace and imagination, inspired by the great themes of romanticism: nostalgia, naturalness and spontaneity.

Alexandra Stréliski – Grand Piano
Natalia Kotarba – Violin
Diede Verpoest – Viola
Julia Kotarba – Cello

Sunday, April 23
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm