Eli Keszler x Kate NV x bela

silent green presents

Eli Keszler is a New York based artist, composer and percussionist. His music, installations, and visual work have appeared at numerous museums, he has released solo records and worked as a composer for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the ICE Ensemble, among others.
Keszler's latest album Icons (LuckyMe 2021) is an immersive work in perpetual motion, evoking a glorious and dystopian western world. Known as a frequent collaborator to Oneohtrix Point Never, Laurel Halo, Kevin Beasley, and Rashad Becker, Keszler’s latest solo venture offers up a latticework of melodic percussion, drum set, and electro-acoustic instrumentation, built upon fragments of American abstraction, ancient scales, industrial percussion, and jazz-age film noir to achieve its feeling of imperial decay. Keszler’s instrumental performances are framed by panoramic recording of New York City and the Odyssee Cave, along with other on-location audio from his global travels, defining an expansive music that takes on hyperreal forms difficult to describe outside of the loss and wonderment that defines our age.

“Icons is the music I made during a time where travel and trade were effectively suspended,” states Keszler. “I spent nights wandering around Manhattan collecting recordings of the empty and silent city where a car alarm was audible from blocks away, where the hum of the electrical grid and the clash of bicycle gears suddenly occupied a massive amount of space. I spent the entirety of that year in Manhattan, probably the longest I’ve stayed in one place in over a decade. The island was essentially shut down and running at an erratic pace. The speed of the city seemed to oscillate from intense speed - ambulances, protests, helicopters — to near stasis — a sort of beautiful, strange, serene stillness. I saw something strange and beautiful happening: power cracking and people changing. With Icons, I was working with these mythological tropes that are deteriorating and decaying before our eyes to create a music that finds beauty in our fragile and unstable reality.

Kate NV is the multifaceted solo persona of US-based singer, songwriter, producer and designer Ekaterina Shilonosova. In addition to her solo career, she is a member of the Moscow-based post-punk project Glintshake and the Moscow Scratch Orchestra, and forms the duo Deciscive Pink with Angel Deradoorian. Her first solo album, Binasu, was released in 2016, followed by для FOR (2018), the first of her albums to be released on New York-based label RVNG Intl, which oscillates between playful instrumental and surreal song. Room for the Moon (2020) reveals the influence of Japanese 80s pop and Russian conceptualism, and includes a collection of moody cinematic moments that create a fairy-tale sound cosmos. In 2022, she produced Bouquet to raise funds for charity. On her latest album Wow (March 2023), Kate uses childlike, joyful melodies and places sound, object and ritual under the microscope, offering listeners a parallel dimension in which the mundane becomes funny, unfamiliar, and altogether sensational.

bela (they/them) is a musician and a performance artist based in Berlin and Seoul. On stage, bela growls through a diary of poems and slogans over an enthralling composition of electronic pungmul music. They engage in the depths of queerness and miscommunication across and beyond the boundaries of language and drama — by critically positioning oneself as an unheard speaker in traditional Korean narratives. bela's vision of Korean folk rhythms and club music confluents in their 2021 record guidelines EP, released on Montréal's Éditions Appærent label.

A project by silent green Kulturproduktionen
Funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, Initiative Musik und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)

Presented by Digital in Berlin and Rausgegangen

Thursday, May 31
Doors: 8 pm / Start: 9 pm