Picnic concert #2: Daniela Huerta x Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli // sound installation – fully booked! –

silent green presents

Open air concert with headphones // Sound installation

The large lawn in front of silent green's old building offers the perfect backdrop for a picnic in the countryside and a stage for some great musicians. We will provide you with high-quality headphones, MARS I Café & Bar offers drinks and snacks, you bring your own cushions and blankets and together we will enjoy an open-air concert in the summer evening atmosphere.


5–9.30 pm Sound installation

The Technics SL-10 turntable is a hi-fi and design classic from 1979. With the size of a record sleeve, made of plexiglass and brushed aluminum, it has made it into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with its timeless design. In the sound installation by artist Hanno Leichtmann, two SL-10 turntables are playing specially manufactured lathe records in repeat mode so that the recordings shift over time and various combinations ewoke. dark ambient jams, electronic percussion mutations and meandering voice patterns create a dystopian soundtrack.

7 pm: Concert Daniela Huerta aka Baby Vulture
Daniela Huerta, born in Mexico, is a multimedia artist and sound designer based in Berlin. She has developed her own multi-layered and eclectic form of DJing under the pseudonym Baby Vulture. With mythology as her core theme, she explores different narratives that alternate between reality and imagination, aiming to understand the realm of the psyche. She composes hyper-realistic soundscapes that offer an empathetic and immersive sonic experience through a combination of field recordings, sound archives, deconstructed rhythms and live sampling.
She has presented her work at CTM Festival, Heroines of Sound, LETRA / TONE Festival and Boiler Room, among others. Additionally, she has also been involved in projects and residencies at Centre Pompidou, MOCA Geffen Warehouse, Goethe Institute and other institutions.

8 pm: Concert Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli
Arcane, damaged, miasmic: Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli follow a theme of quiet quantum mutability, with Tricoli using the B77’s famous varispeed functions to transform Leichtmann’s linear stream of consciousness into fantastic, corkscrewing gestures and stereo-affected formations – the sort that’ll have your eyes/ears spinning independently to register the source in different compartments of the head, as though trying to calculate their physics in real time. It’s a perfectly imperfect mesh of sensibilities, agitating Leichtmann’s low key, jazzy quirks into skizzy refractions of themselves, flirting with a sense of chaos that threatens to spiral off into the unknown if their energies tip too far in one direction or the other.


Saturday, July 22
Doors: 5 pm / Start: 7 pm
Free admission // Fully booked // Remaining seats will be available from 7 pm (first come, first served)

Sound installation by Hanno Leichtmann
5–9.30 pm
Free admission, no registration needed