silent green Sommerfest

Once again we are opening our doors wide and invite you to come and celebrate the summer with us. Some of silent green's tenants will introduce themselves and their work, you can explore the site and hear its history told, listen to music outside and inside, watch films and enjoy summer drinks and all kinds of treats from MARS I Café & Bar.
You also have the opportunity to visit the exhibition Kiss the Moment – Von Wurmlöchern und Swingchronizitäten im Bilderuniversum Dagie Brunderts in our Betonhalle.


  • 4 pm: Open-air concert MINK on the meadow
  • 6 pm: Open-air concert Adelle Nqeto on the meadow
  • Children's films by Harun Farocki, meadow
  • Face painting and handicrafts for children, meadow
  • Historical guided tours: 3 pm (de), 4 pm (en), 5 pm (de), meeting point meadow (limited number of persons, please register!)
  • Listening Sessions in the Kuppelhalle
  • Open Doors in the Westhalle
  • Film programme, transmediale studio
  • Guided tours (in German) of the Arsenal Archive: 3.30, 5.30 pm
    (limited number of persons, please register!)

MINK make music that is simultaneously danceable and profound, they have gradually developed their very own - retro but contemporary - vibe in recent years. Their music feels like walking home after a long night out, somewhere in between euphoria and melancholia. This creates a sound world in which you can lose yourself attentively or dance lost in thought.

Adelle Nqeto
Adelle Nqeto’s music stems from the gaze of an introverted observer with a passion for melody and stories. Rooted in South African folk and exploring Jazz, Indie and Pop, the Berlin-based musician’s work expresses not only the realities of being human – but also how beautiful such reality is.

Saturday, August 26
Entire site
3 to 9 pm