MORE STRANGE THINGS – Current works from the study programme Art and Media at Universität der Künste Berlin

An exhibition of the Art and Media study programme at Berlin Universität der Künste, with current films, installations and performances from the classes Experimental Film/Media Art (Prof. Nina Fischer), Generative Art (Prof. Alberto de Campo / Gastprof. Echo Ho), Narrative Film (Prof. Thomas Arslan), Moving Image (Prof. Kathi Kaeppel) and New Media (Gastprof. Agnes Meyer-Brandis).

Friday, 12.–Sunday, 14. Januar
Betonhalle, admission free

Opening Hours of the Exhibition:
Fr, Jan. 12., 6–11 pm
Sa, Jan. 13., 12 am–11 pm
Su, Jan. 14., 12 am–8 pm

Opening of the Exhibition: Fr, Jan. 12., 6–11 pm
Filmprogram: Sa, Jan. 13., 4–6 pm
Performance Program: Sa, Jan. 13., 7–11 pm

Performance Program: Su, Jan, 14., 4–7:30 pm


The Art and Media study programme is the only study programme at the UdK Berlin that offers artistic teaching in time-based media in a networked way. Teachers from various disciplines jointly offer it as a special study programme that focuses on the interplay between artistic experimentation and technical media.

In the core area, Art and Media combines teaching and research in the fields of "Experimental Film/Media Art", "Narrative Film" and "Generative Art". These are flanked by the fields of "Design of the Moving Image" and "New Media". The individual fields and classes are organised in such a way that it will be possible to respond adequately to the fast-moving development of time-based media in the future. In contrast to specialised training in a particular field, the degree course in "Art and Media" has a fundamentally interdisciplinary character.