Stine Janvin & Morten Joh: Death Songs

silent green presents

Death Songs is a new project by Stine Janvin (voice and electronics) and Morten Joh (synths and percussion). Marking the pair’s first musical collaboration, they draw inspiration from music related to death and mourning. Their starting point is the tradition of "Liksong" from the south-western region in Norway, in close proximity to where Janvin and Joh are both born and raised. "Liksong", literally Corpse Song, describes a now extinct custom in which a small group of singers would lead rural funeral processions, using an exceptionally slow and eerie singing style. Analysis of archive recordings reveal the use of neutral intervals – scale steps intoned right in the middle of the regular major and minor steps.
Death Songs recreates these tonalities by postulating a voice-driven, ancient, microtonal electronic music – in which gloomy synth chords meets religious folk songs.

Morten Joh has been influential in various constellations involving improvisation, as a member of Fluxus techno duo N.M.O., heavy metal musique concrete duo MoHa!, experimental chamber rock band Ultralyd, echtzeitmusik orchestra Splitter Orchester, minimal music quartet The Pitch, in duo with Jules Reidy and in electro-folk duo Naaljos Ljom.

Stine Janvin is a vocalist and interdisciplinary artist known for her conceptual vocal works Fake Synthetic Music, In Labour and Echoic Choir, as well as recent book publication Identity Pitches with Cory Arcangel. Janvin's projects has been presented widely through Europe and the US by art institutions such as MACBA, Issue Project Room, Performa NY, MUNCH live, CCA Berlin, Wiels Brussels, Ina GRM, Blank Forms, Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Centro Pecci.


Saturday, October 12

Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm