Ale Hop & Tatiana Heuman: Near and Remote Memory Activation Practices

silent green presents

Near and Remote Memory Activation Practices is a live performance by experimental instrumentalists Ale Hop and Tatiana Heuman. Inspired by old traditional South American artefacts, the two artists from Peru and Argentina have made instruments from clay, wood and seeds, such as bottle whistles, multitimbral flutes, rattles, shell trumpets and water trumpets. The live performance with the self-made instruments focuses on the exploration of the timbres of the elements and the textures that evoke soundscapes, the cosmovision inscribed in the artefacts and the interplay of technology and embodiment as a means of improvisation.

Sofía Salvo will kick off the evening with her electrifying saxophone sola set.


Thursday, Febuary 15
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm