Lars von Trier: Geister

silent green presents

silent green is showing the complete series The Kingdom, the eccentric masterpiece by Danish director Lars von Trier about mysterious events in the neurosurgery department of a Copenhagen clinic – all three seasons of the miniseries on three consecutive evenings in the Kuppelhalle.

Our restaurant MARS is open during the screenings.


Series 1 + 2 (DK 1994 + 1997, Danish OV with German subtitles)

Friday 15. + Saturday 16.3.
Doors: 6.30 pm
Start screenings: 7 pm / Predicted end: 1 am

Strange things are happening at the Royal Imperial Hospital in Copenhagen, the largest hospital in Denmark. Mrs. Drusse, a self-proclaimed detective with a penchant for the spiritual, has made contact with the ghost of little Mary. The new senior physician Dr. Helmer from Sweden has to cover up a botched operation, while his hated Danish colleagues are plagued by completely different worries. Chief physician Moesgaard has already printed stickers for the Operation Morgensonne image campaign, while his son is looking for a severed head that he actually only wanted to impress his girlfriend with. And in the basement of the hospital, ward doctor Haken is running a lucrative side business producing cocaine from old eye drops.

Serie 3: Exodus (DK 2022, Danish OV with German subtitles)

Sunday 17.3.
Doors: 3.30 pm
Start screenings: 4 pm / Predicted end: 10 pm

With The Kingdom – Exodus, Lars von Trier brings his internationally acclaimed cult series to a close: sleepwalker Karen watches Lars von Trier's series The Kingdom and is not at all happy about the open ending. She sets out in search of answers to unravel the mysteries from the first two seasons and save the Imperial Hospital in Copenhagen from ruin. In the process, she encounters many old acquaintances and new troublemakers. The worthy finale of the wacky ghost story about a hospital where evil has taken root and medical science fights with itself on a daily basis – a unique mixture of wild horror, Nordic noir and black humor that can only come from Lars von Trier.


Lars von Trier (*1956) is co-founder of the Danish production company Zentropa and one of the founders of the Danish Dogma movement in the 1990s. As brilliant as he is controversial, he is considered the enfant terrible of the European film industry. In an interview with the weekly Die Zeit (2005, Nov 10), he said: "My family had very precise ideas about good and evil, kitsch and good art. I question all that with my work. I not only provoke others, I also constantly declare war on myself, my upbringing, my values. And I attack the do-gooder philosophy that prevailed in my family." Lars von Trier's films have won numerous prizes around the world, including many of the most important awards at the Cannes Film Festival: the Palme d'Or for Dancer in the Dark, the Grand Jury Prize for Breaking the Waves and acting awards for Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kirsten Dunst for their performances in Antichrist and Melancholia.


Friday 15.– Sunday 17.3.