Éiríocht: New Music from Ireland

Launched by Diatribe Records as part of the Culture Ireland GB:18 Programme in 2018, Éiríocht: New Music from Ireland is an international series presenting radical alternatives to perceived notions of “Irishness”.

Seeking out landmark venues for experimental music worldwide, Éiríocht affords international audiences a wide-angle overview of Ireland’s vibrant contemporary music scene, foregrounding collaborative exchange between Irish artists and their international counterparts.

The Éiríocht in Berlin programme includes some of Ireland and Germany’s most internationally-renowned composers and performers, presenting new Irish and German work in shared programmes, showcasing existing collaborations with Berlin-based artists, and creating new connections between the two broader scenes.



2.45 pm                Doors

3–3.20 Uhr           Performance I:    Irene Murphy / Mick O’Shea

3.20–3.40 pm     Performance II:    Ann Cleare / Frauke Aulbert / Dermot Dunne

3.40–4 pm           Performance III:    The Water Project / Dara Smith

4–4.15 pm           Performance IV:    alle Künstler*innen

6.15 pm                Doors

6.30 –7.15 pm    Performance V:    Aoife Ní Bhriain / Liam Byrne

7.30–8.20 pm    Performance VI:    Lina Andonovska / Dermot Dunne / Simon McHale


4.15 pm                 Doors

5–6 pm                  Performance I:    Jennifer WalsheIreland: A Dataset

8.45 pm                 Doors

9–9.45 pm            Performance II:    The Monophonic Havel

10.15–11 pm        Performance III:    Roamer

11.15–12 pm        Performance IV:    Tobias Delius / Shane Latimer


Sunday, March 24
Kuppelhalle / Betonhalle
Start 3 pm / 5 pm


This project forms part of the Ireland in Germany 2024 season, a joint initiative of Culture Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs.