Images Of Goo + Haberl // Zimmer

silent green presents

Images Of Goo
Images Of Goo is what Munich sound bricolageurs Leo Hopfinger aka LeRoy (Das Hobos, H, Spiritual Emojis and others) and Cico Beck aka Joasihno (The Notwist, Aloa Input, Spirit Fest and others) call their first musical dialogue in album format. It is equally a dialogue with the elements of their sonic repertoire of echo variations and sonic shadows from the percussive instrument box. In their sum, a Wunderkammer of a panaudic, which can be approached and departed in six tracks per side. 

Haberl // Zimmer
The two musicians are known through their activities in various bands and projects: Haberl is a drummer with The Notwist, among others, and Zimmer is active with Driftmachine and Saroos. Together they explore the interplay of drums /sensory percussion (Haberl) and modular synthesizer (Zimmer) and challenge each other to create new worlds of sound.


Wednesday, 10. April
Doors 7pm / Start 8pm