Mahler Chamber Orchestra: „Welcome Home!“

A concert about finding the place where you belong

With members from over 20 cultures, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra knows that home can be many things. A steaming plate of curry, the snow-covered Alps, grandmother's wrinkles – home means something different to everyone. It can be a place, a feeling, a friendship or a flavour. The world-famous Mahler Chamber Orchestra explores the question of home musically: It plays music by Béla Bartók, who collected melodies from his homeland so that they would not be forgotten, and by Dmitri Shostakovich, who never felt completely secure in his homeland. The last piece of the concert has an emotional value for many of the musicians on stage, as it marked the orchestra's first international success in 1998, shortly after it was founded. It reminds the members of where a piece of home lies for them after all these years: In this orchestra.

The concert is part of a festival centred around the themes of home and belonging, with the aim of promoting appreciation and respect for diversity in our society and deepening understanding of different cultures. While the morning concerts are reserved for school classes, the evening concert is open to anyone aged 11 and over.

The concert is particularly suitable for families and also promises to be an entertaining and moving experience for adults. The moderation and the subsequent discussion format will be translated into German sign language.

Wednesday, April 17
Doors: 6pm / Start: 7 pm