15 Years of Posh Isolation Showcase

silent green presents

Founded by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek in 2009 in Copenhagen, Posh Isolation focuses on presenting work from Scandinavian artists and collaborators by giving a platform to current music, art, and design. With a catalogue of over 200 physical releases, and having facilitated numerous international exhibitions, programs, and showcases, the project is an evolving composite of voices and horizons anchored to its home.

Alto Aria

Alto Aria is the solo project of Aria Leth Schütze’s solo project. Aria uses the pronouns they/them and was born and raised in Copenhagen. With the project they investigate relations between acoustic and electronic sounds, and focus on transformation and transition as a starting point in their music. They aim to contribute to a more sensuous and sensitive world and want to break with linear narratives, contrasts, and ideals of perfection. Their debut album Tides focuses on tides and becoming a body of water. Aria has later released the experimental piece For Marta which is about friendship and circularity, and the album Shapes which focuses on dreams and a dream diary. They have also released the albums Sowing Worlds, Ties, Touch and  Limerence.

Croatian Amor

Croatian Amor realizes a distinct and brilliant intimacy about the fast pace and chronicles of the contemporary world. Originally from Copenhagen, Rahbek runs the Posh Isolation label, an incubator for many experimental music artists. The pop artifacts of the cycles in our lives form the basis for the compositions. Croatian Amor speaks in loneliness as well as in rendezvous style, narrating the longing for indefinite sensation. The results are fantastic synthetic worlds that are conjured up. They are intended to make the world a little more habitable.
Croatian Amor's fantastic worlds were presented at numerous festivals, venues and clubs, including Berlin Atonal, Rewire, Mutek Mexico, Ephemera Festival, Roskilde, Click, Sydney Opera House, Berghain, Wide Awake Festival, Copenhagen Contemporary.


Cæcilie Trier, known as CTM, is a Copenhagen-based singer/cellist/composer. Her music symbolizes a prism that reflects perceptions, movements, fever dreams and memories. She lets these abstract compositions speak with a gentle and poignant intimacy. An open, poetic atmosphere is created that invites new perspectives. Her album Suite For A Young Girl was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2017. This was followed by Red dragon, Celeste and Babygirl in collaboration with Posh Isolation. In addition to her solo project CTM, Cæcilie Trier is known for her diverse collaborations with a variety of musicians from the Copenhagen music scene. These include Croatian Amor, Scandinavian Star, Valby Vocal Group, Soho Rezanejad, Ydegirl, Choir of Young Believers, Dawda Jobarteh, August Rosenbaum and performances in a trio with classical guitarists Lars Trier and Christian Sievert.

Vanity Productions

Christian Stadsgaard, who is also known under his solo concept Vanity Productions, has become an important figure in the experimental noise music scene over the last ten years. Under the name Vanity Productions, he fuses noise elements with introverted melodies to create desolate soundscapes and great stories about modern, turbulent conditions. Often with an existentialist touch and a hazy sensibility, Stadsgaard paints sonic canvases of modern melancholy. Stadsgaard also runs the Posh Isolation label together with Loke Rahbek. It is with Vanity Productions that the full range of emotional intensity of Stadsgaard's work is expressed. His collaboration with pioneering artist Merzbow led to the 2019 album Coastal Erosion for iDEAL Recordings, the first in a series of works inspired by minimalist composition.


Saturday, April 20
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm