NUG pres. Bong Boat + baby bong

silent green presents

NUG is the musical collaboration of artists Jordan Juras aka PVAS and electronic engineer Florian TM Zeisig. Jordan and Florian present a deep dive into zones of shared creativity, a "buoyant raft of blissed ambient sorcery" (Boomkat). Similar to their debut Napping Under God (2022, 3XL), their new album Bong Boat is the result of a jam session in the river. Each song tells of a different aspect of a lonely day out on a boat in nature. Recorded over one week in a small Bavarian mountain village, they composed the songs in and out of the studio while exploring the surrounding mountains and waterfalls and playing the flute in caves: "Bong Boat is a descent into waterlogged bliss that takes elements from the dub-ambient canon and floats them into prismatic abstraction, providing much needed succour for the world weary." (Boomkat)

baby bong
is a duo that moves freely in a field of shoegaze and timeless lullabies.


Tuesday, May 14
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm