Media Loca 15 Years – Day 2

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In June 2009, Gabriele "Mo" Loschelder founded the artist agency Media Loca (Spanish for "the half-mad one"). Since then, the number of artists represented has increased, the type of music has changed and the network of festivals, concert halls and special venues has grown continuously. Media Loca Artists are united by the radical nature of their performances, from minimal to maximal, from electronic sample collages to alchemical organ thunderstorms, they play solo concerts, trigger each other in duos and provoke in trios.

Active in the Berlin music scene since 1992, as a DJ and live performer, as co-operator of small clubs and a label, as co-curator (Heroines of Sound Festival), Mo Loschelder used all this experience from 2009 onwards to represent Angelika Lepper alias Acid Maria, as well as the producer and label operator Gudrun Gut, who has been active in Berlin since the late 1970s, Susanne Kirchmayr alias Electric Indigo, the Finnish musician Ilpo Väisänen (initially in a duo with Mika Vainio as Pan Sonic) as well as Jan Jelinek and the Georgian Natalie Beridze via Media Loca.

Reliability, trust and respect are essential pillars not only for the numerous artists who have enriched the programme with so many facets since then, but also in the exchange with national and international festivals and organisers.


Media Loca 15 Years – Day 2

Jan Jelinek
Jan Jelinek has been a fascinating figure on the Berlin electronica scene since the late 1990s and is considered as a pioneer of micro-house and clicks & cuts effects. By using mixed samples from old rock and jazz records and transforming sound fragments from various recording devices, he creates impressive electronic sound collages. His works range from field recording collages to electro-acoustic music and minimalist drone. All his compositions are assembled live from samples and sound fragments to create abstract, repetitive loops and give them new life.

Jasmine Guffond
Jasmine Guffond is an artist and composer working at the intersection of social, political and technological infrastructures. She focuses on electronic composition in music and art contexts, working with live performances, recordings, installations and browser add-ons. Through the sonification of data, she explores the potential of sound to address contemporary political issues and engages with listening as a practice of situated knowledge. She also teaches in the Master's program Sound Studies at the UdK Berlin.

Daniela Huerta
Multimedia artist and sound designer Daniela Huerta has developed her own multi-layered and eclectic form of DJing under the name Baby Vulture. With a focus on mythology, she explores narratives that move between the real and the imaginary, seeking to understand the realm of the psyche. She composes hyper-realistic soundscapes, emotional and immersive sound explorations by combining field recordings, sound archives, deconstructed rhythms and live sampling. Together with Concepción Huerta (latest addition to Media Loca), she forms the Duo Huerta Ensemble.

Concepción Huerta
As a multidisciplinary artist, Concepción Huerta works with different disciplines such as sound design, installations, spatial concerts, speculative narratives and immersive experiences to explore the relationship between silence and noise, political space and the sound body as a form of expression. She focuses on resonance, acoustic space and the physical and psychological effects of sound.

As Huerta Ensamble, Daniela Huerta and Concepción Huerta released AQVA in 2023. To mark the Media Loca anniversary, the two musicians will perform a completely new set.


Friday, June 28
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm
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