“I think you can´t look away then!"

The Fifth Wall

“I think you can´t look away then!”
Navina Sundaram, the case of Kemal Altun and the work of journalists of colour in the media today


In 1983, for NDR Panorama, Navina Sundaram covers the trial over the deportation of Turkish activist and asylum seeker Kemal Cemal Altun, politically enforced by the Home Office at the time under Friedrich Zimmermann. The day before the broadcast, she receives the news that Altun took his own life in the courtroom. A missing broadcast tape, a rebuke from the broadcasting council and a conversation with Sundaram almost 40 years after the incident lead to complex questions regarding the present day: How does racism manifest itself in the media today? And how does it affect those who work as journalists for these media? How are questions of journalistic ethics discussed in the tug-of-war between public broadcasting and social media? What do we want to show and what do we want to see - or not? Review of material and discussion with Omid Rezaee, Sun-Ju Choi and Merle Kröger.


Guests: Omid Rezaee (journalist), Sun-Ju Choi (author) und Merle Kröger (author)

An event in cooperation with the Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen.



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Saturday, July 13
7.30 pm
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