Film screening | Expedition nach Germanistan

The Fifth Wall

Expedition nach Germanistan:Roshan Dhunjibhoy & Hans-Günther Oesterreich | 1976 | Radio Bremen| 45 Min. | German OV

Shot for Radio Bremen in 1976, Expedition nach Germanistan is a satire on the reporting by foreign correspondents for German television and the image of the FRG from the perspective of „the other”. Pakistani born journalist Roshan Dhunjibhoy stages, as narrator and Asia correspondent, a stereotypical portrayal of Germany to audiences back home in a fictional country called „Exotistan”. As Dhunjibhoy explains: „Many things seem so exotic to us in foreign countries because we measure them against our European standards. A programme about the FRG now employs these standards.”

The film will be followed by a 10-minute studio talk with Roshan Dhunjibhoy recorded in 1986 for the programme Buten un binnen: Stadtschnack.


Friday, July 5 
7.30 pm
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