Hole Earth | Performance by Robert O. Leaver | Live music by Jim Coleman

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Hole Earth

This piece taps into themes of exploration, vulnerability and perseverance. The process is simple; I select a spot, I dig, I get down inside. The hole is round and deep enough to contain me in the fetal position, just beneath the surface. While inside the hole I try my best to listen, to myself, and to the earth around me. My heartbeats fast from the exertion of digging. I feel it slow down. I am sometimes moved to tears or laughter. Visions can occur. Memories. Or just breathing. When the time is right, I rise again, fill the hole and move on. Each hole provides an experience of labor, gestation, surrender and rebirth. I have dug holes in the wilderness, in major cities, small towns, and in a snowstorm by the ocean. Sometimes I have an audience of strangers, or friends, or family. At times I am completely alone from start to finish.


Sunday, August 25
3 pm
silent green lawn


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15.–25.8. Exhibition I Betonhalle
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Special opening hours: Sat, 24.8., 11 am–2 pm (as part of the silent green summer festival)