VideoClub – Experimental DIY Video Screening

In its upcoming edition, VideoClub invites us to reflect on the environmental crisis and to question how its narratives articulate our movement—or lack of it. It is a meditation on our own actions, encouraging us to move beyond mere survival and create more possible forms of life.

Through stories, documentaries, dances, oracles, magical fatalism, and humor, "Ecologies of Collapse" invites us to regenerate our ideas, sensitize ourselves to care, heal, and reforest, and embrace new forms of dreaming and being together.

This event focuses on promoting the dissemination and exchange between video makers, emerging artists, and musicians.  From video clips and animations to video performances and short documentaries, works are shown that were created independently and without the involvement of brands or production companies.

Tuesday, August 27
Doors: 7:30 pm / Start: 8 pm
Tickets for 10€ at the box office