Vadim Otto Ursus on MARS

Dinner Evening with Vadim Otto Ursus

Sat, 2018/05/05
MARS Kitchen & Bar

After a brilliant start in March, the second part of VADIM OTTO URSUS on MARS is dedicated to wild herbs, insects and trees. The sudden start of spring offers a green, fresh variety that only occurs once a year. Ants, birches, woodruff, ... will be creatively combined on May fifth.

Vadim Otto Ursus, born in Berlin Mitte, is dedicated to the discovery and revival of contemporary and traditional culinary techniques and products. His particular interests include the collection and preparation of wild plants and fruits, fermentation and conservation methods, and the cultivation of nuanced aromas and textures. To broaden his knowledge and skills, he has traveled the world, working in the most innovative and influential contemporary restaurants, including KOKS* on the Faroe Islands; MAAEMO*** in Oslo; LOCO* in Lisbon; as well as QUINTONIL, and NOMA** in Mexico.

Vadim regularly cooperates with the artist Meggie Schneider, most recently in the projects DOUZE DINERS in Paris and FABRIQUE BIOPIC at the Centre Pompidou; TRANSIT 48 in Marseilles, and PLAZA/MERCADO/QUIOSCO in Mexico City.

He has returned from his travels to establish a research and development kitchen north of Berlin, in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. It is there, in a living relationship to the surrounding forests, fields, farmers, and hunters, that learned techniques are tested and applied on local produce.

Next Date: 20st of june