Future Soundscapes Festival 2019

What does the future sound like? Future Soundscapes invites you on an audiovisual trip through time: Over the four days of the festival, artists from the realms of music, media art and sound art explore the past and present of science fiction sound in pop culture, music and cinema.

While science fiction narratives and images are already ubiquitous and firmly anchored in our collective memory, Future Soundscapes makes sound - as an essential element in the shaping of future worlds - experienceable, whether as a noise, a resonance, or music.

The audiovisual performances vary from dystopian film soundtracks and posthuman sound installations to experimental electronic music that thrusts forward into uncharted aural territory. Workshops and talks delve into the history and the aesthetics of futuristic sound, as well as contemporary sound phenomena, tracing the path of acoustic clichés and searching for sound future proposals in between dystopia and utopia.


Concerts, Audiovisual Perfromances, Installations, Sound Walks and Talks by:

Forest Swords,
Still Be Here (mit Hatsune Miku),
Robert Barry,
Jemma Woolmore,
Nicolas Bernier,
Takashi Makino,
Perera Elsewhere,
Sandra Naumann,
Bjørn Melhus,
Nguyen + Transitory,

A project by silent green Film Feld Forschung gGmbH.
Funded by Haupstadtkulturfonds