Alice Rohrwacher: The Wonders (Le Meraviglie)

The Wonders (Le Meraviglie), Alice Rohrwacher, 103 ‘, Italy / Switzerland / Germany, ZDF 30.10.2017, OV with German subtitles

The landscape where Alice Rohrwacher grew up as the daughter of a German-Italian beekeeping family stretches from Lazio to Tuscany. In 2013, she filmed her second feature film there, depicting the family of Wolfgang, Angelica and their four daughters living in the countryside, cut off from the outside world. The director focuses on Gelsomina, the first-born, in the film. The parents, neither hippies nor real famers, see it as their task to protect their daughters from a world dominated by decay, destruction and corruption. “Not having a movement,” Rohrwacher writes, “a definition which can be ascribed from the outside, all that remains is one word: family.” But Gelsomina, determined to lead her family into the future, secretly applies to participate in a television show, triggering a disaster.

Alice Rohrwacher (*1981) is an Italian film director. Before making her feature film debut in 2011, she worked as a scriptwriter, cinematographer and editor. With her second feature film The Wonders (2014), made in collaboration with Das kleine Fernsehspiel, she began a fictional trilogy on the situation in the northern Italian countryside. All three films were screened in competition at Cannes and shown internationally, receiving numerous awards.