Future Soundscapes Festival

Day 3: Sound Walk // Liam Young // Quadrature // Felix Kubin with Hubert Zemler and Josephin Böttger // Bowie 2001

What does the future sound like? Future Soundscapes investigates the past and present of science-fiction sounds at the intersection of popular culture, music and film. With sound lectures and talks, concerts, installations, screenings and performances.

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14 & 16 Uhr
Sound Walk with Karl Heinz Jeron
For this audio walk for up to 20 participants a magnetic field detector will be used to get directions. While walking through Berlin-Wedding Sound Walk guide Karl Heinz Jeron will retrieve Berlin-Wedding street names with the help of GPS coordinates and the OpenStreetMap and will use them as search terms on gutenberg.org. Excerpts of the results will be converted to audio and broadcasted to the radios of the participants. Sound Walk draws on Guy Debord’s psychogeography as developed by the Situationist International, specifially on the concepts of dérive or détournement, a form of „drifting“ which involves walking around and trying to follow the emotional and psychological trajectories of an urban environment.

19 Uhr
Liam Young - City Everywhere: Stories from the Post Anthropocene
Our luminous technologies cast shadows that stretch across the planet. Join speculative architect Liam young and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they take a tour in a driverless taxi on a storytelling tour through the flickering screen and beyond the fog of the cloud, to explore City Everywhere, a quasi-fictional city of the near future, extrapolated from the fears and wonders of an increasingly complex present. Seen through the eyes of the machines we are now designing our cities for you will visit the autonomous infrastructures, industrial territories and sacrificial landscapes that span from the robot ports on the Siberian coastline to the massive mining excavations carved from the middle of Australia where our gadgets begin their lives.

Liam Young is a speculative architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures. He is cofounder of Tomorrows Thoughts Today, an urban futures think tank, exploring the local and global implications of new technologies and Unknown Fields, a nomadic research studio that travels on expeditions to chronicle these emerging conditions as they occur on the ground. Liam's narrative approach sits between documentary and fiction as he focuses on projects that aim to reveal the invisible connections and systems that make the modern world work. Liam now manages his time between exploring distant landscapes and prototyping the future worlds he extrapolates from them. 

20 Uhr
Quadrature - Performance: LGM#2
The duo Quadrature has been dealing with the methods people use to explore the cosmos for quite some years now. The work "LGM#2" shown here is part of a new series, inspired by the methods and theories of radio astronomy. It is based on an extensive database of pulsars and neutron stars from the Australian National Telescope Facility. The rotations and gamma rays of these rare celestial bodies are transformed into clicks, sine waves and light. The multi-channel piece which was developed for the Klangdom at ZKM Karlsruhe, follows the specifications of the currently known 2659 pulsars. In collaboration with soundartist Kerim Karaoglu. LGM#2 was created as part of the #bebeethoven fellowship programme, a project by PODIUM Esslingen on the occasion of the Beethoven anniversary 2020, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

21 Uhr
Felix Kubin with Hubert Zemler and Josephin Böttger - JUXTALEKTROVISION (Audiovisual Performance)
Paralectronic Felix Kubin, collision prognosticator Hubert Zemler and image manipulator Josephin Böttger zoom into the audiovisual world of well-known science fiction classics to search for black holes, white spots and interferences in the cracks of the collective subconsciousness. Key scenes of the genre are rebalanced through alienation, dislocation and noise. The varied field of illusion dissolves the classical narration into its components, the film becomes the architecture and meta-language of the External, a string of signs that (hopefully) will be understood by all inhabitants of our galaxy. "Pulsate, Vibrate, Alternate, Plastic." A deconstruction of cinema to the standstill of time.

22 Uhr
Screening: Bowie 2001 (Fritz von Runte)
Deconstructing two monuments of Future Soundscapes at once, British DJ Fritz von Runte has crafted a symbiotic fusion of David Bowie remixes with Stanley Kubrick’s iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey. The result is a hypnotic, audiovisual mixpiece experience:Bowie 2001 A Space Oddity (2011). Ziggy covered in moon-dust, The Thin White Duke's pursuit of a black monolith, Major Tom versus HAL – a close (re-)encounter of the third kind.
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