Sold out: Geschichten vom Kübelkind

Berlinale Forum Special Screening

The Geschichten vom Kübelkind (Stories of the Dumpster Kid) were shown at the very first International Forum of New Cinema in 1971 and have now been digitally restored. The series revolves around a rebellious “Dumpster Kid” played by Kristine Deloup, who always appears in a red dress and has various anarchic struggles with society. Ula Stöckl and Edgar Reitz shot G in 1969 with only their friends. Their series of 25 16mm short films of different lengths was a way of positioning themselves outside of the standard cinema system, with guests at a sort of pub-cum-cinema in Munich able to “order” individual episodes from a menu. Together with the documentary Der Film verlässt das Kino: Vom Kübelkind-Experiment und anderen Utopien. (Film Beyond Cinema: The Dumpster Kid Experiment and other Utopias) by Robert Fischer, a selection of the unique films is now to be screened again. A “pub cinema” much the same as the original screening set-up will also be installed at silent green on February 19th, with these special screenings attended by Stöckl and Reitz.

Doors: 7.30pm, Start: 8pm

Tickets (incl. snack): 10 € / 8 €