Gate of Tehran


"Tehran Sounds Good"

Persian jazz, folk rock, experimental electronics and lots of improvisation: Tehran Sounds Good, the second international edition of Gate of Tehran - Days of Experimental Sounds, will bring together a thrilling mixture of musical styles in the Kuppelhalle on Friday, November 1. Nine artists from Iranian and European countries will explore the sounds of Middle Eastern and Western culture. As part of rounds of discussion accompanying the performances, the audience is invited to reflect on what they have heard and seen, and to exchange ideas. The initiator of the festival is the Iranian artist collective House No. 4. Under the direction of Peter Pirhosseinlou, the collective has been promoting the alternative and experimental music scene in Iran since 2013.

Performers: Alidad Jalali / Cymin Samawatie / DEEV / Golnar Shahyar / Mahan Mirarab / Morti Azizzadeh / Pouya Mahmoodi / Ralf Schwarz / Shabnam Parvaresh

Speakers: Vedad Famourzadeh / Soren Faika / Golnar Shahyar / Pouya Mahmoodi / Peter Kirn

Friday, November 1
Start: 5pm Artist Talks, 6:30pm Performances