Arsenal Summer School

Arsenal Summer School

Every year in August the Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art offers a Summer School. For three days, the participants* deal with a topic at the interface of theory and practice.

How can the medium of film create places for social discourse and political action in the cinema and exhibition space?

The contributions and workshops of this year's Summer School take a look at the different forms of expression of an artistic practice that deliberately takes influence on social and political processes into account, be it through collective work, artistic actionism or aesthetic strategies that are directed at the work of the*r spectator*in by understanding reception as participation. The focus is on films or film curatorial concepts that can be regarded less as statements than as political actions. On the basis of historical and contemporary examples, the focus is on what needs to be done in order to make a difference in the interplay of image politics and social practice.

With contributions by Filipa César, Tamer El Said, Katja Eydel, Stephan Geene, Nanna Heidenreich, Karrabing Film Collective, Birgit Kohler, Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, Savvy Contemporary, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Clarissa Thieme and Philip Widmann.

The events will be held partly in German, partly in English.

The number of participants* is limited to 30 persons. Seats will be allocated upon receipt of registration. Participation fees: 135 Euro / 115 Euro (members, students, Berlin-Pass) / 95 Euro (members of the Arsenal-Freundeskreis)

The closing date for registration is 5 August 2019.