Cohabitation – A Manifesto for the Solidarity of Non-Humans and Humans in Urban Space


ARCH+ presents:
Cohabitation – A Manifesto for the Solidarity of Non-Humans and Humans in Urban Space

Exhibition, urban explorations, and discourse

Cities have always provided habitats for many species, including non-human species. In fact, animal migration to cities is currently increasing worldwide. The project Cohabitation calls for fundamentally broader understanding of the city, in which animals and humans are recognized as equally important urban protagonists, and presents new approaches for the future development of interspecies cities.
Cohabitation sees itself as a manifesto that calls for us to think about new modes of subjectivation, kinship, and solidarity, and to become aware of the fact that humans could only evolve through interactive and cooperative relationships with other species. To spark this shift in perspective, Cohabitation uses a variety of formats to examine urban concepts from the past and present in search of forms of solidarity-based cohabitation that may help to shape urban societies in the future.

At the heart of the project is the exhibition Cohabitation – A Manifesto for the Solidarity of Non-Humans and Humans in Urban Space which features more than 30 artistic and architectural positions on the topic. Based on three key perspectives – “Anthropocity,” “Eco City,” and “Zoopolis” – the projects question the ambivalent relationship between animals, humans, and nature in an urban context and offer a variety of approaches for revising current conditions.

With Alicia Agustín; Moritz Ahlert & Alsino Skowronnek with Pollinations in Blatant Space (Thomas Haferlach, Adrien Bitton & Niels Warncke); Fahim Amir; Animalesque; Animali Domestici; Ant Farm; Babi thinkers (Maylis Brenner, Yemi Kacoutie, Aziz Doumbia, Ferrand Acho, Issa Diabaté); Sammy Baloji; Marcel Broodthaers; Carson Chan; Club Real; Theo Deutinger, Shelia Jap, Charlotte Kaulen, Pia Prantl, Nikolas Susanto; Ines Doujak; Finn Rabbitt Dove; Marc Frohn; Cyprien Gaillard; Thomas E. Hauck; Candida Höfer; Ina Hsu; Kolbeinn Hugi; Krõõt Juurak & Alex Bailey; Daniela Kinateder; Ann Sophie Lindström; Maissa Maatouk; Marcus Maeder; Zoë Mc Pherson; Modern Temperament (Oliver Klimpel, Till Sperrle); László Moholy-Nagy; OLA – Office for Living Architecture (Ferdinand Ludwig, Daniel Schönle, Jakob Rauscher) with GTLA / TU München; Daniel Poller; Yan Wang Preston; Professur R+E / KIT (Marc Frohn, Tim Panzer, Federico Perugini & students); Ben Rivers; Hanna Rullmann & Faiza Ahmad Khan; station+ / D-ARCH, ETH Zürich (Marta Fernandez, Iris Hilton, Roberta Jurcic with Jakob Michael Birn & students); Sunaura Taylor; Urban Fauna Lab; WORKac

Cohabitation is a project by ARCH+ gGmbH in cooperation with silent green and is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Support for the Cohabitation Urban Explorations comes from the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. The event series Cohabitation Discourse: Zoopolis Berlin is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Further cooperation partners include: Goethe-Institut Côte d’Ivoire; Kunstraum Innsbruck; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin; Spreepark / Grün Berlin.

Artistic direction: Marion von Osten*, Christian Hiller, Alexandra Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo, and Peter Spillmann

* Marion von Osten initiated this project and developed the concept and artist selection with the curatorial team. She died in November 2020. This project is dedicated to her memory.

Design: Modern Temperament / Oliver Klimpel, Till Sperrle

Opening: July 4, 2021, 6 pm
Opening hours: Thuesday – Sunday 11 am – 7 pm
Entrance fee 5€
Prior ticket booking and registration online necessary