Sarah Davachi x Kevin Richard Martin & Pedro Maia "Frequencies for leaving Earth"

Double concert

silent green presents

9 pm
Sarah Davachi

As a museum guide at the National Music Centre, an instrument exhibition in her native Calgary, Sarah Davachi discovered her fascination for sound corpuses. How does a corpus vibrate? What physical laws influence sounds? As an electroacoustic composer, she draws on these experiences and dedicates herself to a wide range of instruments: strings, woodwinds, organs, the human voice, icons of electronic sound generation such as the EMS or the Sequential Circuits Pro One. 

Sarah Davachi's compositions often seem like a homage to the instrument itself, which shows itself from a completely unknown side in her work. She uses ultra-slow structures and simple harmonic developments to sharpen the senses for the most subtle changes in the overtone spectrum. Her music makes you forget space and time, it intoxicates and seduces.

10 pm
Kevin Richard Martin & Pedro Maia: "Frequencies for leaving earth“

Kevin Richard Martin is the mastermind behind well-known projects like The Bug, King Midas Sound, Techno Animal or Zonal. For a while now, he has been performing under his own name, and he has founded the digital label Intercrannial Recordings. Last year, in the middle of the lockdown, he moved from Berlin to Brussels, where he set up his new home studio - and where five extraordinary albums were created within a very short time: Frequencies for Leaving Earth Vol. 1 - 5. "It was an attempt to focus on my love of sound and frequencies, and to passionately nurture that love," he told Self-Titled Mag about it. "I set up my new studio in a new city at a crazy time, and the studio became a monastic retreat - a place where I could get inspired and immerse myself." 

To stay in the image of immersion: Indeed, when listening to these partly low-frequency, partly ambient floating sounds, one has the feeling of drifting a thousand metres below the surface of the sea, of finding oneself in droning, distant spheres, of feeling the slowly rolling waves of sound. At times it is as if the carefully staged walls of sound gradually close in around you: an extremely contemplative experience. The Portuguese filmmaker and visual artist Pedro Maia contributes to this experience with suction-like shimmering videos that draw our gaze into the depths of an unexplored space. Maia, whose work has been exhibited all over the world, has worked with musicians before, including Patti Smith, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vessel, Lee Ranaldo and Fennesz. So there is no question that Martin and Maia are an ideal fit for the Extreme Music series of this year's festival.

Kevin Richard Martin : elec, synth
Pedro Maia : visuals

Tuesday, October 25
Doors: 8 pm / Start: 9 pm

Funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, Initiative Musik und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)