Deep Material Futures – Exploring the Different Temporalities of Matter


With Deep Material Futures we want to face the multiplicity of space, time, and scale. We raise the question of what goes wrong on earth, and how the different deep, slow, fast and future times intervene in the worlds to come. By looking at very different scales, from the internal structures of matter, the interaction of objects and living beings to geological formations and atmospheric dynamics, Deep Material Futures asks about the different temporalities of active matter, which not only shape pasts and presents, but futures. We want to discuss and rethink the potentialities, strategies and imaginaries of desirable futures. What new and other ways of politics, design, and ›healing‹ through materialized action might there be at all levels of space, time, and scale?

with international keynotes by Sandra Jasper, Nigel Clark, James Weaver, Cymene Howe, Jeff Diamanti, Admir Masic & Vera Meyer

including the premiere of the video installation White Elefant by Michaela Büsse


Wednesday, November 16
Start: 9.30 pm
Free admission I Registration and further information here