Michael Gira + Jozef van Wissem + Jarboe + Kristof Hahn - Sonic Morgue


Michael Gira is the mastermind of the Swans. For exactly 40 years now, he has been travelling the world with his infernal noise group and making one great record after another. In between, he has also devoted himself to quieter projects, such as his drone-folk band Angels of Light. Now he is on the road solo with just acoustic guitar and voice. These concerts are also impressive. The music sometimes almost comes close to the darkest songs of Johnny Cash, but despite the sparse instrumentation it retains something of the Swans' force. A difficult to describe and fascinating tightrope walk that should not be missed.

Jozef van Wissem has also devoted himself to an acoustic instrument. The Dutch composer plays the lute. With his very own approach, he even inspired Jim Jarmusch. With his band Sqürl, he composed the soundtrack to Only Lovers Left Alive.

Jarboe was a member of the Swans from 1985 to 1997 and was influential in shaping more melodic phases of the band. She founded the Sound of Skin project with Michael Gira. Since the nineties, she has released a series of experimental pop albums solo, worked with Father Murphy and other collaborations, and has been present as an interdisciplinary artist.

Kristof Hahn is the Berlin member of the Swans. With lapsteel and sometimes voice, he creates his own psychedelic universe. He is also active in the band Sometimes with Others, works with Drangsal and various other musicians.

Thursday, December 1
Start: 8 pm