Music theatre performance

FrauVonDa is presenting their new performance THEIRLAND which will take place in two different locations. The basic patterns of human behavior under ongoing, latent or immediate fear are being explored through storytelling in music – a cartography of defense and survival strategies, unfolded by means of the human voice, movement, music and intermediality. THEIRLAND explores both familiar and unfamiliar territory: a vegetational expanse of human behavior, in all its tragicomic drama.

The performance spaces will thus become a board game for everyday cerebral battles: The Amygdala – the center of fear – sets off neurologically determined processes, demanding almost dictatorial submission – against which the performers strive through creativity, wit and team spirit. In close collaboration with the FrauVonDa collective led by Lotte Greschik, Claudia van Hasselt and Nicolas Wiese, a music / movement score is developed by Neo Hülcker to materialize this struggle – whilst Henry Wilde opens up possibilities to escape, in additional scenes.

The versatile performers Anna Clementi, Julia Mihaly and Claudia van Hasselt are acting and improvising between instinct and consciousness, between self-empowerment and the visual dictatorship of the Seahorse, as created by Nicolas Wiese.

Artistic direction / concept: artist collective FrauVonDa//storytelling in music
Composition: Neo Hülcker, Henry Wilde
Direction: Lotte Greschik
Stage: Katharina Faltner & FrauVonDa//storytelling in music

Visual art: Nicolas Wiese
Performerinnen: Julia Mihaly, Anna Clementi, Claudia van Hasselt, Nicolas Wiese Live-Elektronik: Ferdinand Breil

Dauer: 90 min ohne Pause

Tuesday, December 13
Start: 7.30 pm

With the kind support of: NeuStartKultur, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin, field notes, BAREVA foundatio