MaerzMusik: A Garden of Forking Paths – Finale 1

Concerts, Performances, Installations

The closing event of MaerzMusik continues its pandemic-induced transformation and moves into the urban space around the festival center at silent green – concerts, performances and installations that inhabit their own temporality …

A Garden of Forking Paths opens a window of time into a relational field of sound sources – concerts, listening stations, sound installations – that connects pasts and presents from multiple places around the world. The art of field recording lies at the heart of the final weekend of MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2022. Under the continued impact of the pandemic, A Garden of Forking Paths – Finale takes the place of the festival’s closing event The Long Now and migrates into the urban space around Nettelbeckplatz in Berlin/Wedding.

Six locations, including Nettelbeckplatz itself, are simultaneously open on 26 and 27 March 2022 – a constellation of interconnected places to be visited with each relating differently to sounds from the world we inhabit. From electronic live performances of artists working with field recordings and sound installations to unaltered acoustic time capsules, and encounters of relocated sonic realities embedded in the soundscape of Wedding, this project moves into a sonic zone of acoustic ecology.

The Betonhalle at silent green, MaerzMusik’s festival hub, is its beating heart, offering live concerts by electronic artists working with field recordings; the octagonal space of silent green’s Kuppelhalle hosts sound installations to be immersed in; Atelier 2 of silent green becomes a listening station that gives space to a plurality of soundscape approaches considering their temporal situatedness; SAVVY Contemporary invites single listeners to encounter a one-on-one relation with sound; Nettelbeckplatz bears witness to sounds from entirely different realities in the world; and Cashmere Radio, finally, offers a place and a frequency in which these layers of sonic experience meet and flow together. We invite you to spend four hours floating and circulating within soundscapes on your own path.


8 pm – 8.45 pm
Félicia Atkinson (live)

11 pm – midnight
KMRU (live)

8 pm – midnight
White Cat (Sound Installation)
Mit Arbeiten von Tarek Atoui, Hein Bjartmann Bjerck, Chris Chafe & Greg Niemeyer, Morten Norbye Halvorsen, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Jacob Kirkegaard, Eric La Casa, Gareth Lee Patterson, LIGO, Matthieu Saladin, Minoru Sato, Thomas Tilly und Chris Watson

Atelier 2
8 pm – 9.15 pm
Peter Cusack
Sounds from Dangerous Places, Chernobyl

9.15 pm – 9.30 pm
Mazen Kerbaj
Starry Night

9.30 pm – 9.45 pm
Jacob Kirkegaard
4 Rooms, Church

9.45 pm – 10.22 pm
Extinction Room
Extinction Stories

10.22 pm – 11 pm
Jana Winderen

11 pm – midnight
Robin Mackay
By The North Sea

midnight – 10:00 am
Works by Manja Ristić, Nyokabi Kariuki, Rubén D'Hers, Gabi Schaffner, Hayley Suviste, Eleni Polou, Super Inter, Julia Reidy, Abby Lee Tee, Gary Farrelly, Chris Dreier, Dirar Kalash und Aladin Ilou

Saturday, March 26
Betonhalle, Kuppelhalle, Atelier 2
Start: 8 pm

Informationen on tickets and hygiene measures here