bilocation – Concert installation by Joanna Bailie with ensemble mosaik

Concert installation

In the third part of ensemble mosaik's concert series realities, places and displacement of places, Joanna Bailie takes up the idea of bilocation, the wondrous ability to be in two places at once. Every time we listen to a field recording over loudspeakers or view a photograph or film, we encounter two places simultaneously: the depicted environment and our current physical surroundings, the first nested within the second, its properties altered by its new home. The concept of doubling runs through all parts of the programme. First, an audio-video installation showing two versions of the same place arranged back to back, followed by two overlapping solo pieces that find common ground in a hybrid location. The concert concludes with a film that explores the representation of place and pays tribute to media formats that, despite their limitations, have the power to immerse the viewer and make them forget where they actually are.

realities, places and displacements of places is a series of events by the ensemble mosaik, funded by the Spartenoffenen Förderung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Medien.


Joanna Bailie: Bilocation

Reverse-side, Video installation, 2021
Bridge for Viola solo and electronic, 2022, UA
marblepark for piano und audio feed, 2022, UA
A giant creeps out of a Keyhole for ensemble, video and audio feed (2021/22, UA for ensemble)


Rebecca Lane  - flute
Simon Strasser - oboe
Christian Vogel - clarinet
Ernst Surberg - piano
Chatschatur Kanajan - violine
Karen Lorenz - viola
Niklas Seidl - cello
Arne Vierck - Sound direction
Oscar Loeser und Kalma X - video

Patrick Klingenschmitt - Dramaturgy

Saturday, April 30
Start: 8pm
Tickets: 15€ / reduced 10€