Tara Nome Doyle


Tara Nome Doyle is one of the most charismatic pop artists of her generation. After her acclaimed debut "Alchemy" in 2020, the 24-year-old artist from Berlin-Kreuzberg now presents her second album: On "Væermin" she tells a tragic love story, rich in symbolism and nuances, orchestrated with piano, violin and synthesiser and sometimes pulsating beats - and with vocals that are intense and changeable, sometimes angelic, sometimes raw and menacing. "Væermin" is touchingly beautiful - and yet also celebrates the supposed ugliness that dwells in all of us and that we so readily repress. All the songs are named after animals that are considered unwanted pests: Leeches, caterpillars, snails and worms. "Væermin" celebrates their beauty and thus also poses a political question: what would happen if we 'invited' these vermin instead of rejecting them? Wouldn't we then arrive at a much richer, more beautiful relationship with ourselves, a different relationship with the world around us and with other people? "Værmin" is a great, wise, deeply moving album. And Tara Nome Doyle's songs immediately catch your ears, they don't want to leave your head: existential music from an extraordinary artist.

Tuesday, June 14
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm