Muriel Razavi

Ultraschall Berlin – Festival für neue Musik

ancient eve is once again offering apples
solo-performance with viola & visuals,
sounds, Poetry Recitation and Light Dramaturgy
with works by Iranian composers

Aida Shirazi
Latent (2018) for Viola solo

Aida Shirazi
Havvaye Pir (2023) for Viola solo

Niloufar Nourbakhsh
Veiled (2019) for Viola and electronic

Farzia Fallah
15 Skulpturen (2001) for Viola in front of a tree

Bahar Royaee
Tombstone – Sangi Baraye Simin (2017) for Viola solo

Muriel Razavi, Viola

In the five musical scenes of ancient eve is once again offering apples, the Iranian-American violist Muriel Razavi embodies the life journey of an Iranian woman - from blossoming to passing away. The fictional character develops from a seeker to a woman who demands her rights and publicly admits sexual desire to her own body. The ensuing retreat to the roots of her being leads to a moment of inner unity and integrity before finally her selfless death nurtures the bud of hope in the depths of the earth and gives strength to generations to come.

Muriel Razavi's concert project was created before the current unrest in Iran. At first glance, the scenic concept is far removed from day-to-day political references. And yet, a connection to the courageous and passionate struggle of (not only) Iranian women for their rights and dignity is established quite naturally.

Saturday, January 21
Start: 9 pm
Tickets at the box office and online