New Music and Re-orientalism – talk with Muriel Razavi

Ultraschall Berlin – Festival für neue Musik

with Anahita Sadighi, Galerie Anahita Arts of Asia

Questions of 'cultural appropriation' have also reached the 'classical' music world. The musical exoticism and orientalism that enjoyed great popularity in classical music in the 18th century and then on the threshold of the 20th century has become questionable not only aesthetically but also in terms of cultural politics. Such questions also play an increasingly important role in contemporary music.

Muriel Razavi is not only an instrumentalist and concert developer, but also a musicologist. At the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, she researches re-orientalism in music, a theory of re-orientalism based on Edward Said's postcolonialist theory of orientalism. Razavi asks how this can dissolve stereotyped descriptions of the Orient. Razavi's academic work merges with her artistic activity - and both facets can also be experienced at Ultraschall Berlin.

Language: German

Saturday, January 21
Start: 10 pm
Free admission