Screenings: Anou Banou – Töchter der Utopie (Edna Politi, 1983)

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Anou Banou – Daughters of Utopia

Edna Politi’s debut film from 1974 bears the still provocative title: For the Palestinians: An Israeli reports. In 1981, she films a second documentary in Israel on the role of women. While the pioneering women still took part in the struggle for a new society in which they expected the right to work, autonomy and equality, the establishment of the state turns women’s liberation into a myth that contradicts lived reality. The filmmaker and graduate of the DFFB in Berlin, born “as a Jewish Lebanese woman who became an Israeli and then a French-European woman living in Geneva”, makes it her mission to explore the power of the utopian in her work, which can only be a coexistence, a life among equals. Where utopias show cracks, she raises objections. Her voice should not be absent from the discourse on the significance of a pluralistic historiography.
Anou Banou – Töchter der Utopie (Anou Banou ou les filles de l’utopie) |Edna Politi | 84 min |1983 | OV with German subtitles


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Tuesday, November 21
7 pm
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