Screenings & Film talks: Yalda (Massoud Bakhshi, 2022)

 Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie)

Yalda: Reflection of Reality

After much international success as a documentary filmmaker, director Massoud Bakshi’s feature film debut A Respectable Family shifts the gaze to within the family, mirroring the political reality outside. In his second film in 2018, based on an Iranian reality show, he stages a drama that unfolds one evening in a TV studio. The guest on the live show is Maryam, sentenced to death for the murder of an elderly family friend with whom she had a so-called “temporary marriage”. Seated across from her is Mona, his adult daughter, who has the power to decide over life and death, while the audience is invited to televote via SMS. With this film too, Bakshi, who lives in Tehran, skilfully uses the film as a mirror that confronts the audience with itself in the role of judge. The discussion will focus on how contemporary cinema can provide a glimpse into the future of media reality.

Yalda (Yalda, la nuit du pardon) | Massoud Bakhshi  | 82 min | 2022 | OV with German subtitles

Guest: Massoud Bakhshi
Moderation: Bettina Ellerkamp & Merle Kröger

Film screening (Original version with German subtitles) with discussion in English language

Thursday, November 23
7 pm
TV Studio Betonhalle
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