Pitchfork Music Festival 2023 | Sevdaliza + Aime Simone (Late Show) – cancelled! –

+++ Unfortunately, this show is cancelled. Tickets are cancelled automatically. The ticket price, including the booking fee, will be refunded to the payment method used when booking. +++


Pitchfork, the "most trusted voice in music", announces the return of the Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin, taking place from 1.–5.11. The festival will be hosted at various locations, including silent green from November 3rd to 5th.

Since 2006, music enthusiasts from all over the world have come to the music festivals curated by Pitchfork in Chicago and Paris. Since 2020, Berlin has also been on the Pitchfork map alongside London. For the Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin 2023, as in previous years, innovators, upcoming stars and cult figures have been gathered to celebrate Berlin's status as one of the most important cities for underground culture.

Sevdaliza (Teheran, Iran) is an autodidactic singer, songwriter, director and composer. Her creations contrast husky vocals with cutting strings and bass lines setting an enigmatic mood. Born in Iran and residing in the Netherlands, Sevdaliza has made quite the impression with her consistent release of audiovisual experiences. Sevdaliza’s melancholic visceral voice floats over beds of thumping triphop dubs, married with classical harmonies. Rhythmic tensions build slowly into chaotic climaxes. Her work has been described as "genre-bending", drawing on various genres including electronic, punk, triphop, grime and the avant-garde.

Her writing, influenced by greater novelists, has a philosophical questioning character; subjects like gender diversification and perception of emotion are strongly present. Masculine and feminine energy blend harmonically within. Sevdaliza plays with the simulation of identities and fantasies that can hardly be distinguished from reality. Creating a world where everything is possible. To Sevdaliza, expression comes forward in designing every detail in sound and imagery. Her music is charged with demanding energy and consists an enormous amount of dynamics. It portrays a porcelain yet deep fullness. Her creations attracted worldwide attention. She self-released her internationally acclaimed debut EP The Suspended Kid and the follow-up Children of Silk. Both EP’s were well received worldwide with the likes of international press and fans. In 2020 Sevdaliza released her sophomore album Shabrang. Her art not only continues to break new ground but it also serves as a source of healing, empowerment and a community that surpasses geographic parameters.

Aime Simone
Singer-songwriter, performer and producer Aime Simone’s radiant Post-Pop has gained international acclaim following the release of his debut album Say Yes, Say No. Revelation of the year, Aime Simone is now presenting a new album, Oh Glory.

The slight rasp of his simultaneously soft and dark voice evokes a battle between shadows and light. Built on emotion, Aime Simone’s Post-Pop is a clever marriage of pop songwrit- ing and post-genre club music. His unique way of combining urban music –hip hop, club or trap– beats with moody melodies has captured the attention of Ukrainian DJs and the Berlin scene, and allowed him to climb the charts in France.

The Paris-born singer-songwriter, performer and producer of Norwegian origins has spent most of his adult life abroad. His creative process is firmly rooted in those countless travels from one country to another. Each of them has set the pace for a quest, given its tone to a moment in time, signalled a new transition. This constant movement, both personal and geographical, played a pivotal role in Aime’s choice of English as the language in which he could most freely express himself as an artist since his earliest compositions.

His musical repertoire is extensive: interwoven elements of pop, trap, techno, reggaeton, trap, or soul will reveal themselves over the course of his songs as accelerated sensory experiences.


Friday, November 3 (Early Show)
Doors: 9 pm / Start: 10.30 pm