Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie): Towards A Library Of Images: Thinking TV Archives Public

silent green presents

With the project Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie), silent green 2023 takes the archive of the Kleines Fernsehspiel as the starting point for a historical retrospective, a description of the state and the question of the future of auteur film with events, an exhibition and a symposium. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the ZDF editorial office and the Arsenal Archive, television and film heritage will be commemorated together for the first time.

The archives of the public broadcasters not only contain official history. Critical, contradictory and dissenting attitudes can also be found there. For decades, editorial departments like Das kleine Fernsehspiel have been working to sharpen our view and contribute to an enlightened perspective in which the complicated relationships of our reality become visible in their complexity. In order to make such content accessible to a diverse public, models of future archival practice are needed. Such practice understands the archive as a space that depicts (media) history not as a narrative of domination, but as a mesh of also contradictory historical narratives that generate resonances in the respective present. Building a "library of images" (Harun Farocki ,1975) therefore also means developing a curatorial architecture. This should not happen behind closed editorial doors, but rather - and this is a general demand for the public media practice of the future - in an open, social discourse. We would like to concretise this in our third panel on opening up the TV archives („Recht auf Öffentlichkeit I: Arbeit mit TV-Archiven“/ Archive außer sich 2020, „Recht auf Öffentlichkeit II: Die Zukunft der TV-Archive“/ Archival Assembly #1 2021).

Guests: Thomas Schärer (historian, film and cultural studies scholar/ Switzerland), Burkhard Althoff (editorial director ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel / Germany), Tabea Rößner (journalist/editor, member of parliament Die Grünen, chair of the digital committee)

Concept and moderation: Vivien Buchhorn, Merle Kröger, Volker Pantenburg

Friday, June 9
4–5.15 pm
Free admission