Ich brauche eine Genie, Vol. 21: pop culture, feminism, glitter-glitter squirrels, and so on

Concerts, Reading, Award ceremony

Ich brauche eine Genie [I need a genius] is an event series founded by musicians, authors, and activists Sandra and Kersty Grether. The series aims to enhance the visibility of musicians, queer individuals, and transgender people, while celebrating their diverse talents. Through various readings, workshops, and performances organized, hosted, and curated by the two hosts, talented individuals in Berlin are are given a much-needed platform.

In Ich brauche eine Genie, Vol.21, there are once again fantastic and humorous performances with individually sparkling, genius, and empowering music that can do one thing above all: deconstruct the zeitgeist into a thousand fragments and play pop music back to us as a lifestyle toolkit! For the second time, the Glitter-Glitter Squirrel Awards ceremony will take place! In categories such as "Most Brilliant Album, Most Genius Newcomer, Single, Political Activism," and so on. No one can say that the music industry in Grrrlmany is only patriarchal and evil: the Glitter-Glitter Squirrel jumps out of the woods again and brings you the mysterious companions and new goddesses that it has observed on the winding paths of an increasingly exclusionary German pop culture this year.


Moderation: Sandra Grether & Kersty Grether
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Live Music

The Berliner Jnnrhndrxx (pronounced: Jenner Hendrixx) needs more than a single breath to express her talents. At just 26 years old, she can call herself a rapper, songwriter, model, TikTok star, actress, and author. With her debut EP Staaken Trauma, she made a strong entry into the rap scene last year. She impressed both new listeners and the press, even appearing as a cover girl for Siegessäule and Tip Berlin. Now, her first album, 2019, has been released. In her tracks, Jenner delivers a multitude of disses against racism, transphobia, homophobia, and those who perpetuate these discriminatory structures that still exist in 2023. On stage, Jnnrhndrxx always gets her audience sweating, delivering an impressive performance with rap and dance, including twerking, as seen, for example, in 2022 in front of the Brandenburg Gate at Berlin's CSD.

Albertine Sarges
Albertine Sarges combines references to the 70s and 80s with feminist lyrics in her music. She navigates musically between experimental pop, post-punk moments, and dreamy to raw guitars. By the way, she already has a lively career as a musician. She has been seen as a live musician in bands such as Kat Frankie and Holly Herndon, and as one half of the electro-pop duo Itaca under the pseudonym Ossi Viola. In 2017, she formed the band The Sticky Fingers. After her critically acclaimed debut album, her latest EP Family of Things (Moshi Moshi Records) was released in the winter of 2022.

The Doctorella
Sandra Grether and Kersty Grether will not only be the curators and hosts of the Genie series; with their band The Doctorella (including Sascha Rohrberg and Daniel Benyamin), the hosts will be performing with the full band lineup at the event! The Doctorella is returning with new songs, "captivating with melancholic, highly melodic dream-pop" (Sounds & Books). With a "The" preceding the band name and songs that were created during the pandemic and had to stay in their rooms, the first single, "Wenn wir tot wären," dreams itself in a feverish dream-pop fashion from the sickbed to the festival stage and other beautiful places with other people. Can songs be contagious? Kaput Mag writes: "Rarely has the song format been conceived so freely and yet so catchy. Autorepeat modes in Hades."



Sarah Berger reads from Wen es etwas angeht :
At the exhibition in Hamburger Bahnhof, the artist Thale Gold confronts the art world with her gigantic sculptures in the form of genitals, creating a self-referential commentary. And there is nothing more alluring than a mysterious person who puts on an incredibly captivating show.

Sarah Berger, born in 1985 in Timisoara, lives and works in Berlin. Following Sex und Perspektive Wen es etwas angeht is Berger's second publication with Herzstückverlag.



Thursday, August 24
Doors: 6:30 pm / Start: 7:30 pm