Heavenly Bodies

As part of the Early Music Festival Friedenau

A Renaissance transverse flute consort plays in a dark expanse, closely surrounded by the audience. The chromatic, enharmonic and microtonal polyphonic music of the 16th century slowly unfolds, feeling increasingly chaotic harmonically, yet beautiful and completely mastered by both the composers and the performers. Finally, the climax is the spiral and tonal-spectral work Harmony of the Spheres (2023) by Mara Winter (*1988), a composition based on the principles of cosmic and musical mathematical proportions set out by Johannes Kepler in his 1619 treatise The Harmony of the World.

Heavenly Bodies invites the audience to turn off visual distractions and fully engage with the music, experiencing physical reactions to the polyphony and entering a state of concentration and contemplation.

Music by Cipriano de Rore, Orlando di Lasso, Madalena Casulana, Giovanni Palestrina, Raffaela Aleotti, Vicenzo Galilei, Carlo Gesualdo, Nicola Vicentino and Mara Winter.

Ensemble Hourglass:
Liane Sadler - Renaissance Traverso and conductor
Johanna Bartz, Charlotte Schneider, Tommaso Simonetta Sandri - Renaissance Traverso
Mara Winter - Renaissance traverso and composition

Sunday, 20. October
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm

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