Oddkins (Felicity Mangan & Merche Blasco) + Luisa Pereira

silent green presents

Oddkins introduces a debut collaboration between Felicity Mangan and Merche Blasco alongside Luisa Pereira's customized Machine Learning powered tool. Through an electroacoustic performance with custom-made instruments, Mangan and Blasco will combine live processing of field recordings with biophonic hybrids generated through the aid of Pereira’s musical software, transporting the audience into imagined sonic realms inhabited by fruitful couplings among animals, plants, and technologies, inviting contemplation on the possibilities of symbiotic relationships in the face of environmental challenges.

Felicity Mangan is an Australian sound artist and composer based in Berlin who creates quasi-bioacoustic music by sampling and playing field recordings and found sounds in solo performances and collaborative projects. She has released several solo releases including Stereo'frog'ic (Longform Editions), a sound piece created from found recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals buzzing around in a stereo field, Wet on Wet (Klangklamm/Warm Winters Ltd.), Train Tracks Recorded and Editing by Felicity Mangan (Possible Motive) and the single Körner Park (Care of Editions). Felicity has presented her projects at various venues including the Sonic Act Academy, INA GRM in Paris and Sound Design for 100 Climate Conversation for the Power House Museum in Sydney.

Merche Blasco is a multimedia artist and composer from New York, currently based in Berlin. She designs and builds imprecise technological assemblages that catalyse embodied forms of live electroacoustic composition and new ways of listening. Her work also increasingly focuses on designing participatory sound performances in public spaces to connect strangers and their surroundings through collective music-making and listening. Merche has presented her performances and installations at many international festivals and exhibitions worldwide and has been reviewed by the New York Times and The Wire, among others.

New York-based Brazilian-Uruguayan artist and systems engineer Luisa Pereira creates musical themes and sculptural, immersive instruments, and has also created a year-long, ever-evolving composition that responds to the New York sky. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide and reviewed by the New Yorker and Pitchfork, among others. She has created a series of transdisciplinary musical installations and experiments and collaborated on projects by musicians such as Björk, St Vincent, Julianna Barwick and Little Dragon. Pereira is an Assistant Professor of Interactive Telecommunications at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.


Tuesday, November 19
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm