Olivia Belli: Intermundia

The modern classical pianist and composer Olivia Belli has become a shining force on the neo-classical scene in recent years. From her picturesque adopted home in the romantic Marche region of Italy, she delights fans worldwide with her own compositions and captivating concerts.

Her latest album Intermundia was released in February 2024 and presents her captivating music at the piano together with three members of the renowned Max Richter Ensemble as a string trio. The work takes listeners on a journey through eight places of silence and introspection that hover between our reality and another world. Belli describes the album as an ecstasy of the beauty that surrounds us, a sonic journey of discovery through the boundaries of consciousness. In doing so, she draws more than ever on the natural rhythms of nature as a source of inspiration.

Her training with renowned master pianists such as Alexander Longquich, Lazar Berman and Jörg Demus has shaped Oliva Belli's extraordinary musical development.Since 2016, she has been gaining more and more recognition in contemporary classical music: first through her interpretations of other modern composers and then with her own works. Belli is renowned for her profound and sensitive compositions that portray tender emotions. Each of her albums tells a unique story and deals with recurring themes such as her own childhood memories, nature and spirituality. On Intermundia, she deepens her interest in the relationship between places and human spirituality.

Olivia Belli's extraordinary musicality and her ability to touch the audience make her performances an unforgettable experience.Anyone who embarks on this fascinating journey through sounds and emotions will fall under the spell of Olivia Belli forever.


Thursday, November 2
Doors: 19 pm / Start: 20 pm


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