Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia present: Under the Sun

silent green presents

Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia present Under the Sun. An audiovisual live show produced over the last two years between Berlin and one of the world’s deepest marble quarries in the south of Portugal. Through a cycle of electroacoustic pieces for analogue synths, woodwinds, voice, and field recordings, and imagery shot under the scorching sun of the hottest summer on record, Shenfeld and Maia explore change and repetition, deep time and the ephemeral moment, equilibrium and imminent threat. Pushing the boundaries of Super 8 film and drones shootings, Maia’s analog film processing is brought into dialogue with Shenfeld’s layered textural compositions to create an immersive radiant live audio-visual experience

Maya Shenfeld is a composer based in Berlin who explores the intersection between the musical production methods of experimental, classical, and popular music. Her interests lie in the perception of time, embodied listening experiences, harmony, orchestration, and counterpoint. Shenfeld's body of work encompasses electroacoustic compositions, site-specific sound installations, ensemble performances, music for film and television, as well as electronic solo sets. Since graduating from the Universität der Künste Berlin in 2016, Shenfeld has presented her work internationally.

Berlin based portuguese filmmaker and visual artist Pedro Maia contributes to this experience with suction-like shimmering videos that draw our gaze into the depths of an unexplored space. Maia, whose work has been exhibited all over the world, has worked with international musicians, including Patti Smith, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vessel, Lee Ranaldo and Fennesz.

As TRYCE, Leo P. has developed an elusive sonic signature that morphs the cold, gridlocked surroundings of Berlin club music into a step-printed blur of melancholia and high-intensity sound design. In 2023 TRYCE independently released DreamDisc, a carefully crafted EP that drifts through cinematic dreamscapes punctuated with mercurial reminiscences of re-processed EDM. Performing live on stage at festivals like Dancity and Cura; behind the decks at venues such as Ohm, Zenner, and most recently Berghain’s Säule; TRYCE also co-curates a tri-monthly series of listening-focused events, with friend and frequent collaborator bod [包家巷]; happening under the project-name LUNA.

Friday, 23. February
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm