Radio is a big global electronic organism, a large body of loudspeakers, microphones, transmitters and receivers, a mega instrument ready to be used. This is what radioPHØNIX is.

There is information, word and sound, but there are also – in a far more substantial way – waves, frequencies, signals and noises.What happens if every aspect of this socio-technological complex called radio is considered an instrument, a means of expression, a toy we can play with instead of applying ourselves to its traditional functions? What happens if we attack this centennial old apparatus with strategies of reinterpretation and give it new meanings?

radioPHØNIX is a series by Timo Kreuser & PHØNIX16 in collaboration with 24 radio stations worldwide. In sound installations, they deal with phenomena of radiophonic practice. For the workshop they invite organisations, artists and the public to experiment on radio and sound, exchange concepts and produce material for future public listening events.



5.30–6.10 pm               PAULINE

7–7.40 pm                     PAULINE

8–8.40 pm                     IVO

9–9.40 pm                     PAULINE

PAULINE is a noise-based radiophonic live meditation.

IVO is a radioPHØNIX sound sculpture of 48 parts, each part received from radio stations around the globe and re-assembled into an instantaneous radiophonic experience. For radioPHØNIX, 24 (pirate) radio stations transmit on their stereo frequencies two isolated parts of a prerecorded piece. An improvised live remix turns these signals into a fleeting multi-channel sound installation. Through interferences, dropouts and delays the technology expresses itself. Only having a fraction of the information at their command, the broadcaster leaves its hegemonic position as information centre. The receiver is the one who defines the aural message.

About PHØNIX16

PHØNIX16 is a paradox: a collective of individuals – researching on the phenomenon of voice as a primary instrument, but also as bearer and carrier of social, political and cultural expression and means of communication. Thriving from different sources of research, from vocal to social to political to expressive, the collective realises its expressive performances of various dimensions such as experimental film, installation and happenings. PHØNIX16 isn't shy to take influences in its vocal expression from folklore to electronic or contemporary music to death metal. This constantly questions, confronts and expands the common way of listening.

About Timo Kreuser

“a piece is a time is a phenomenon is a process is a movement is a peoples is a state is a virus, but no utopia!
it is real. which doesn’t necessarily mean that it is real in any other place or time. what then is reality? how can we perceive something as being real or not? which preconditions determine our perception?” For more than a decade Timo has produced pieces, time objects, recordings, films and live acts with and without PHØNIX16 and like-minded others around those questions.

About Sophie Emilie Beha

In collaboration with PHØNIX16, Sophie Emilie Beha conceptualises projects on urban action art, border spaces and conspiracy theories as a dramaturge. She is also an author and composer of transmedia projects. As co-founder of the interdisciplinary festival guterstoff, she believes in mutual trust and community as well as curating people. She also works as a multimedia music journalist for radio, internet, magazines, artists and festivals. For the research project Outernational, she is working on the question "How can diverse, contemporary music sound?" She received funding from NICA artist development, was nominated for the German Jazz Journalism Award and won the Karl Sczuka Research Scholarship as a member of the experimental vocal ensemble Γλωσσα.

About Goh Lee Kwang

To this day, Goh Lee Kwang has spent almost 20 years producing music that defies any attempts of genre categorisation. His works cover a wide range of avant-garde, electronics, field recordings and more. Goh Lee Kwang lives in Kuala Lumpur.

About Elise Luong

Elise Luong (she/her) is French-Vietnamese-Australian, and the Co-founder of Undecided Productions. Raised in Melbourne, she holds a BFA in Photography & Video Arts from Belgium. Based in Hanoi since 2016, she works as an art manager, writer, event manager & communication designer.

About Tengal Drilon

Tengal is a composer, media artist and cultural instigator who specialises in research-based production. Since 2005, he has initiated various projects in Manila and throughout Southeast Asia, most notably the arts organisation SABAW Media Art Kitchen, specialising in sound and media art. In 2008, he launched the Philippines' first international media art festival and symposium, the WSK Festival of the Recently Possible. From 2017 to 2018, Tengal curated exhibitions at the MeCA | Media Culture in Asia Festival, Tokyo. Tengal was also a co-creator of the international platform NUSASONIC, which explores sound and music cultures in Southeast Asia. In Berlin, he worked as a curator at the Art Laboratory and for independent projects.


Thursday, 29 February
Admission: 5€ at the box office

Artistic Director: Timo Kreuser 
Dramaturgy: Sophie Emilie Beha
Sound: Carlo Grippe, Goh Lee Kwang, Anne Taegert, Ecki Güther, Timo Kreuser
Production:  Helena Boysen, Paul Timo Kaemmerer, Elise Luong
PHØNIX16: CarrieAnne Winter, Kanae Mizobuchi, Veronika Böhle, Marisol Jiménez, Michael Taylor, Andrew Munn, Oskar Koziolek

Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds